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First, you'll need to know whether you're looking for fine art or decorative artwork. Then you will use the appropriate search parameters to see art that fits these criteria. Also,feel free to combine criteria for a narrower search. As you call up items, note the keywords attached to them. These may be words that you later want to use as search parameters in the keyword space. Also, the space requirements are a bit tricky. While our wording says "Small-up to 17 X 21" and so on, we actually may have classified something as small if it's 19 x 20" or 14 X 22" - it's a little flexible. In addition, please note that totally square items are classified as horizontals.

If you've previously gotten art searches from us, or have our printed catalog, you can call up these images by using our code numbers in the SKU column. If the item does not come up, it has probably been discontinued or we may not have added it to our site yet.

A design library may have comprehensive catalogs from major art publishers such as Winn/Devon and Bruce McGaw Graphics. These are valued vendors that work with ArtSource to provide the design community with artwork and you can feel free to include these items in a request for quote. We will sometimes have difficulty identifying items featured from other art companies who offer ready-made framed product. Also, we often get requests to quote items which are quite old and have gone out of print. This is another advantage of using our on-line selection process.

This is based on individual preference, budget, and the look you want to achieve. We know that all clients would like to use fine art if they could because it has a higher perceived quality and uniqueness. However, sometimes this is just not possible due to budget constraints. In that case, attractively framed posters and prints will still give a quality look to a facility and enhance the over-all environment.

We generally see clients using a mix of both fine art and decorative art. Fine art is used primarily in public areas, such as the lobby and reception spaces, conference rooms, and general gathering areas. It is also often used in the more senior executive offices where clients are more frequently seen.

Some facilities approach an art program in a very holistic, egalitarian way, placing fine art in all parts of the building for both client and employee enjoyment.

We see decorative artwork used almost exclusively in senior living facilities and federal and state government locations where budgets are more constrained.

The design team at ArtSource has gathered together some of the most requested types of items in "collections" to help you find what you need more quickly. So if you're specifying for a nursing home and don't want to do your own art search, check out "The Seniors Collection". The "Newport Collection" has scenes of New England, the "Mesa Collection" features southwest imagery, and so on.

In the poster area, we are supplied by many of the best publishers in the world - the same ones that sell to the top art shops, furniture stores, galleries, and museums you may have always shopped at. Our valued vendors are constantly researching new trends and styles to stay in the forefront of art design. In the fine art area, we deal directly with artists who market their own work and with fine art publishers and ateliers who print and represent artists.

We don't sell our decorative prints unframed. Since we offer good-value pricing on our whole package product, including prints, mats, and frames, you'll be better off to purchase our artwork as a completed item. We've found that our clients need this complete package, not just the parts, to meet their needs and trust us to provide a high-quality picture complete and ready to hang. We do, however, sell fine art unframed at list pricing.

98% of clients have us cover the writing with mats. It creates more of an art print look, rather than a poster. It also changes the size dimensions, so we are showing it without borders to give you a clearer idea of the final result.

The sizes shown on our site are after 3" matting has been added. It's what's commonly referred to as "glass size." The actual space taken up on the wall will vary depending on the width of the frame you select.

Generally it is. A very few posters are printed in several sizes and if they are popular in both formats, we may show them in the database at various sizes. But the vast majority of decorative art prints come in only one size. You can sometimes manipulate the final size by cutting back or adding to mat widths. This can lessen or increase the size by some 2-6" per dimension. Fine art is always just produced in one size.

We're taking full-size fine color reproductions or slides of artwork and converting them to the small thumbnail version that you can see on your screen. The originals of these works will be much higher quality with vibrant colors and accurate details. But by accessing them through the Internet you can quickly sort through and make selections. Be sure to adjust the brightness of your monitor until you feel that you are getting the best look on your screen. You may want to view the items in a slightly darkened room to get the full color effect as well.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We will certainly do our best. Please use the "contact us" form to give us as much detail as you can, such as artist, title, source (where did you see it?), retail price, etc. We've been in the business for years, so many pieces are familiar to us. But we're sometimes stumped. We have the most luck with decorative prints and posters. Frankly, if you saw an artist's original work in a local gallery, odds are we won't be able to help you as much.

Any gallery you create will be stored for 90 days. You will be notified by e-mail when a gallery is due to expire and can renew it as needed. You can delete any of your galleries at any time and should do so regularly to free up memory space and make it easier to see your current projects.

No, there aren't any limits to the number of pieces you can put in a gallery and there are no limits to the number of galleries you can create.

Our web site is organized in "frames". We didn't know what that meant either, but our web designers explained that you need to put the cursor in the middle of where you want to print, hit the left button once, then print the screen. This should get you the gallery you have saved. If you have a color printer, you should see the images in color on your printer, although they will appear in a thumb-nail version. You can also print the larger versions one page at a time on a color printer by following the same procedure. We've had inquiries as to whether we can give you larger full-color pictures from your personal gallery for presentation purposes. Please call us for the cost of this service.

We recommend an even 3" matting with the inner mat showing .25". We like to see double mats with the outside mat kept fairly neutral (off white is the most common choice) and the inner mat picking up a stronger color that is present in both the art piece and the color palette of the space. More colorful outer mats would be used when you want to punch up the color (pediatric units, restaurants) and darker outer mats can also be appropriate (i.e. for Victorian design schemes, abstract art).

Generally, metal will be used when (1) budget is the prime consideration or (2) when a decidedly contemporary look is needed. We have seen a strong move to wood frames in the last few years. Our customers order 66% wood, 34% metal currently. Look at the case goods & finishes in the space - desks, cabinetry, tables - and match those as closely as possible. If art is in hallways or other areas without furniture, match chair rails or woodwork mouldings.

Your color palette will be driven by other interior elements such as fabric, wallcovering, paint, and carpet. Most art can be framed in several different palettes because of the great number of colors used. By indicating your color family, either at your personal gallery here on the Internet or by sending us swatches, our art consultants can mat your art to coordinate with your space needs.

We tried but the price tag turned out to be half a million dollars for this programming and we would have had to raise our prices substantially to cover this expense. Since most of our clients are experienced in visualizing component parts as a completed whole, we opted instead for the information you see here.

Most of our clients feel that covering the writing on a poster gives it a more upscale feel. In addition, you can use the matting to pick out coordinating colors in your design scheme. 98% of posters we sold last year had at least double mats. We can frame artwork any way you want. You might want to leave the writing showing on a poster because (1) the wording reflects a significant event relevant to your area (i.e. your company is in Louisville and you're framing a Kentucky Derby poster) (2) you want to emphasize the artist or the museum which published the art or (3) there is a "saying" on the poster which is why you selected it - for example, a series of motivational posters emphasizing "teamwork."

Yes, we do, at our full-service manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, WI. We have the very latest in picture framing technology to ensure the highest quality. Since we control the process, we can guarantee your art will come to you precisely as you ordered it.

This is a very common question. On the one hand, using the same frame creates a consistent look and also allows you to move pictures between facilities. However, you run the risk of looking too cookie-cutter if you are purchasing a lot of pictures. It may be a good idea to select 2-4 different mouldings and vary them throughout. Finally, fine art should receive more specialized framing due to its uniqueness and higher perceived value. Here we would suggest a simpler matting treatment (often just single white museum board) but an upgraded frame, perhaps something provided as a special order item.

Once you have requested a quote from us, we will be glad to sample you on 1-5 frames which you might be considering. Please indicate this when you submit your request for quote in the comments field. Stock items can be shipped immediately. Samples of special order items will take 1-2 weeks.

The frame market closely follows the commercial and residential furniture markets. So we're seeing a strong move into smooth hardwoods like cherry and maple in commercial settings, silver-toned woods for senior living (with gold still remaining strong) and the addition of black accents to more traditional mahoganies and walnuts. In metals, richer, more complex metallic finishes with patinas like champagne gold are prominent.

On all decorative art items that we frame, we use a glue process that adheres your prints to a sturdy .25" white foam core backing. Likewise, we glue down your mats, since they too are made from paper products and can absorb humidity. If you are purchasing fine art, you may choose to have them museum mounted (which will not insure that they won't ripple or change with weather conditions) or you may direct us to vacuum mount your fine art works on paper as well. Your ArtSource consultant can discuss your needs with you at the time you place your order.

You can send us unframed items to be framed when placing your order for 15 regular items or more. It is not usually feasible for us to reframe items which are already framed due to the risk of damage in shipping them to us. However, if you are also purchasing items on a major project with us, we will often use a local frame shop to help us reframe your existing items to coordinate with your new design scheme.

About half of the pictures we sell have some kind of security system. The most common reason for ordering these systems is for theft prevention, followed by safety reasons (the pictures won't fall off the wall and break if bumped into). Finally, some people use this type of hanging mechanism simply so they don't have to continually straighten their pictures. Be advised that installation costs are higher with security systems since they require about 10 minutes per picture to install, versus the old "hammer and nail" hanging system.

Our most frequent system involves a three point mechanism, with 2 molly bolts going into the wall at the top and one at mid-bottom. The bottom channel gets a T-screw which is turned sideways with a special wrench, thus "locking" it onto the wall. Security systems are $3.00 each and on wood frames, part of the mechanism comes already mounted onto the picture.

Other mechanisms include (1) building a false balsa wood frame that joins to the wall and framing in another moulding which will "fit over" this frame. This is used in high security facilities and retails for $40.00 per frame; (2) drilling through the front of the wood frame and using screws to join to the wall (for low-end jobs where "looks" aren't so important), and (3) a hinge-type lock on the two top sticks which again requires a special wrench for installation.

Of course! Our moulding manufacturers have thousands of frames to choose from. One of our functions as your art consultant is to pick the "best of the best" to show you here and in our catalog. But for specialty needs where looks are more important than price, please contact us and we'll show you an appropriate choice.

If you are using only decorative artwork, budget between $1.00 and $2.00 a square foot for usable space. This means you would eliminate areas which will not use art, like distribution warehouses, loading docks, closets, etc. If you have lots of open areas with cubicles, you will use less because you have less wall space; if you have many enclosed offices and conference rooms, you may use more.

Another guideline is you will need to plan for a picture on every 8 running feet of wall in hallways (uninterrupted by doors or other openings.)

Our design department can look at your floor plans, take your art specifications (type of frame, type of glass, number of mats and hanging requirements) and give you a ballpark figure to put into your budget upfront to accommodate artwork.

If you want fine as well as decorative artwork, please indicate this and we will budget accordingly.

National companies are moving to setting up standards programs for their facilities because (1) it can help control expenditures through national purchasing agreements (2) it ensures a consistent quality and style (3) as you move, facilities can interchange artwork and (4) corporate HQ can control the look of what is displayed to enhance the desired image. Our sales staff will help you create such standards programs and give you examples of other companies we have helped (see the "About Us" section for some of these case study examples). Please use the "contact us" button to forward information on your needs.

We have also had companies create unique "personal galleries" for their outlets nationwide in which corporate facilities people create a pool of images acceptable to their company and then allow the different facilities to select via this Internet site from within this pool.

Use the "contact us" button to forward information to our sales people at headquarters. We will call you back to discuss your unique needs.

We accept VISA, Master Card, and government VISA cards. Your card will be charged on the day after your product ships from our plant.

Please go to the contact us section of this website and request a credit application in the comments section.

Absolutely. This occurs often with our larger corporate clients. You'll see this provision in the last stages of the quote process.

ArtSource offers VISA and Master Card for immediate purchasing. We set up Net 30 accounts for ongoing business purchases. We also can arrange leasing plans (for original artwork only).

We are at our customer service/sales desks Monday-Friday 8:30-5 CST.

Absolutely! Our Regional Sales Managers have extensive experience in finding just the right artwork for your needs. And our in-house Design Department, with 3 licensed interior designers, is an invaluable source for listening to your needs and matching them with art available in the national marketplace. Call us!

Our design services are free of charge to our ongoing clients. If you choose not to purchase from us after we have performed extensive design selections for you, there will be a fee for our professional services.

Through the years, we have built up expertise in the types of imagery which is most appropriate and most often used in health care, senior living, corporate, and hospitality settings. Please call us at 1-800-553-0081 and speak with the Regional Sales Manager for your state for advice in this area.

While you can easily perform this task here on the website, we will help out if you get in a bind. Let us know what you'd like, and we'll put one of our design team on the task.

The most helpful items are swatches from your interior finishes, such as fabric, case good finishes, wallcovering, and paint selections. Using these, we can match the colors in your artwork to your palette to achieve the best mix for your facility.

Yes. We can arrange installation in most major metro areas and surrounding cities. We usually will sub-contract this part of the job to experienced and pre-qualified companies. Please indicate the need for this service when faxing in your request for quote.

Leave your request in our "contact us" section and you will be notified of new art, new frames, and new services via e-mail or phone. We are constantly adding new items to our site. To keep up-to-date, plan to visit us at least monthly and be sure to glance at the "What's New" section (see link on our home page). Be sure to bookmark this site in your favorites section for quick access before you leave today.

We do. This is a process whereby items in public domain, such as old master prints, are mounted onto canvas, coated with a facing that shows brushstrokes or aged/cracked effects, and framed without glass as though they were an original oil. This treatment is ideal for those situations where you want to avoid glass reflection, upgrade your look, or create an "old master" look without the expense of original artwork. Please forward your request via the "contact us" screen or call us at 1-800-553-0081.

Yes, we do. We have a contract with a firm overseas to create customized oil paintings in certain standard sizes and styles. They are generally priced framed between $300-$800 for high quality imagery. Again, please contact us to tell us your needs.

Yes, we frequently get involved in this type of project. Usually you should have at least 15-20 similar things to frame before it is cost effective to use us. Otherwise, we would suggest you use a reputable local frame shop or gallery.

We have an accessory product available which allows you to hang pictures on panel systems. Please call our customer service department at 1-800-553-0081 and request pricing and specifications for "ArtSource Panel-Hang."

We like to customize artwork for your particular needs, which generally requires between 3-5 weeks lead-time. But we know sometimes people simply don't plan ahead and get caught in a bind. We have 80-90+ pictures in pre-framed groupings which we use as Quick-Ships for such situations as well as other stock items which vary depending on our inventory. Please call us and we can work together to solve your problem. While you may not get the range of choices in either art or framing that would be ideal, we can still satisfy your need to get something up on the walls for the grand opening, special event, and so on.

No, except for federal government orders which can be sent to a consolidator and shipped to overseas bases.

Orders of 1-20 pieces ship either UPS or RPS, larger orders by common carrier. We can arrange for special shipping and unloading requirements like lift docks and inside deliveries.

While we go to great lengths to ensure your art arrives safely, very occasionally breakage does occur. Please keep the original packaging material and call us at 1-800-553-0081 or e-mail us at We will issue a call tag for the merchandise and ship a replacement out to you at no charge.

Every ArtSource item is packaged to ship either UPS in specially-designed boxes, 2 in a carton, or on larger orders via common carrier truck lines in larger reinforced crates. We charge according to the size and weight of both the item and the total order and the distance the shipping point is from our manufacturing plant. Shipping charges are done on a pass-through basis and are usually around $10-$12 per picture.

List or retail prices for framed posters are generally between $150-$250, depending on the image, finished size, and framing specifications. Fine art prices are listed at retail, but do not include framing costs. We have purposely not listed set pricing on our site because your pricing will depend on your purchase status with our company (i.e. national account status, dealer status, etc), volume of purchasing, type of artwork selected, and other factors.

We offer discounts to qualified designers, dealers, and corporate end users who qualify as national accounts. We also have discount schedules available to federal government buyers and other qualified business accounts in purchasing groups, dealer networks, and so on. Please call us with information about your purchasing requirements or contact your local ArtSource dealer or representative.

We hold GSA Contract #Gs-03F-041BA, period 4/1/2014 through 3/31/2019. You may obtain complete contract information by calling us at 1-800-553-0081 or faxing your request at 262-860-4278. We are classified as a small, woman-owned business.

Our specialty niche is selling to businesses. However, we do sell directly to consumers at list pricing.

Yes, we do. In fact, some of our case studies in the "about us" section deal with situations where we worked extensively with both chain hotel roll-outs and on customized artwork for guestrooms. Hotel guestroom artwork is typically very price-sensitive and we quote off-line on any situations where you need 100+ of one art image. Please contact us with complete information at 1-800-553-0081.

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to order your artwork, frame and mat the pieces, package the items, and ship them to you via UPS or truck. If you need artwork sooner than this time frame, please call us and we may be able to accommodate you through our Quick Ship program or because of openings in our production schedule. Please plan your ordering timelines based on these guidelines.

We will return a quote on orders with 1-50 pieces within 1 working day; larger orders may take 2 days.

We certainly do! If you are not satisfied with the art you receive, you can exchange it, have it reframed, or receive a full refund within 30 days of shipping. Our component parts carry a 2-year guarantee against defects.

We generally begin production of your order 3 weeks before your required ship date. Prior to this time, you can change your delivery date as needed. After production has begun, we will store your order for 2 weeks after the original ship date at no charge. After that, there will be fees involved for holding your order. Please call us to inquire.

ArtSource is required to pay sales tax on orders shipped to non-exempt businesses in California and Wisconsin, regardless of where the purchase originates from. This is a requirement based on state laws. At this time, all other orders will not incur sales tax. If you are reselling our product, we also will not charge sales tax, but will need a resale certificate filed with our accounting office.

Our minimum order is 2 pictures. However, be aware that your pricing is dependent on your purchase status with our company so it may be advantageous to order more pictures at one time for better pricing.

No, we don't. Since we select art, mats, and frames specifically for your design scheme and desired look, it would be practically impossible to re-select these items every 6 months or so and then find an identical buyer who wanted YOUR older items. However, if you have a need to spread out the payments for artwork, we can arrange leasing plans (for original artwork only).

Yes, ArtSource will not release your business information to anyone outside our company.

We will be notified by our system that you have created a gallery and we will be able to access it to consult with you about your choices. We will also notify you via e-mail when your gallery is going to expire. Others will not be able to see your gallery unless you yourself give them both the name of your gallery and the password for accessing it. You will want to do this when you send your gallery selections to a client or colleague for review.